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The application on Samsung Smart TV

The application on Samsung Smart TV will cease to function on May 1st, 2017.

However, you can still enjoy on your television via other devices such as Chromecast or Airplay. There are several possible solutions:

- Chromecast: Chromecast is a thumb-sized media streaming device, similar to a USB key, that plugs into the HDMI port on your HD TV. It only costs approximately $35 (available at almost any electronics store). The Chromecast is compatible with our mobile/tablet application (iOS or Android) and our website (with the browser Chrome). There is more information available here.

- AirPlay: If you are owner of an Apple TV box, you may display the videos on your TV screen directly from your iPhone, iPad (via our mobile/tablet application) or Mac. In order to make it work, from your iPhone or iPad, log on to the application, launch the video and click on the Airplay icon at the bottom right of the video player. If you like to use AirPlay, please follow these instructions here.

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