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Why can't I sync my account myself?

If you encounter a message asking you to contact the help center to sync your account to Roku, it means that you are subscribed to an older plan that is not compatible with Roku. The only way to resolve this issue is to have our help center manually unsubscribe you, then resubscribe to any plan of your choice. (You will be refunded for any time remaining on your original subscription.)

We apologize for the inconvenience, but are here to help! Please follow these steps:

  1. As requested, contact the help center with the subject line "Synchronisation error with my Roku account.” The help center will manually unsubscribe you from your current plan.
  2. Select any subscription plan and resubscribe on our website with the same login details.
  3. Once you have resubscribed, notify the help center so that they can process a prorated refund of your previous subscription. 
  4. After all these steps are completed, you’ll be able to sync your account yourself at

N.B.: This answer is applicable only to users who subscribed through the website, not via our iOS app.

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